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The APCA Working Paper Series gathers and disseminates original population science research papers. These working papers are authored or coauthored by scholars who are faculty or postdoctoral affiliates of the Association of Population Centers (APC) population centers. Working papers can also be authored by ABD student affiliates of APC population centers; faculty affiliates must submit the papers on student affiliates’ behalf.

Papers in the series include works in progress and pre-publication versions of articles. Many of these papers will be subsequently published in journals or edited volumes. When they are, we will make updated citations available.

Working papers will be archived at SocArXiv, an online server for the social sciences, which is, as are we, dedicated to the proliferation of open science. Working papers will also be archived to RePEc through SocArXiv.

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The causal effect of parent occupation on child occupation: A multivalued treatment with positivity constraints
Ian Lundberg, Daniel Molitor, and Jennie E. Brand. APCA Working Paper Series. No. 2402. 2024.


Validating survey-based estimates of adult mortality with high-quality vital statistics: Evidence from 27 cities
Dennis M. Feehan and Matthew J. Salganik. APCA Working Paper Series. No. 2401. 2024.

The Nonlinear and Heterogeneous Effects of Parental Income on Children’s Educational Attainment
Ian Lundberg and Jennie E. Brand. APCA Working Paper Series. No. 2306. 2023.


How Is Fertility Behavior in Africa Different?
Claus C. Portner. APCA Working Paper Series. No. 2305. 2023.


Climate Migration Amplifies Demographic Change and Population Aging
Hauer, Mathew, Sunshine Jacobs, Scott A. Kulp. APCA Working Paper Series. No. 2304. 2023.


The Phenotype Differences Model Reveals Genetic Effects on Mortality Using Incomplete Sibling Data
Trejo, Sam and Klint Kanopka. APCA Working Paper Series. No. 2303. 2023.


Millennials as a Demographic Bridge to Diversity? Segregation and Diversity of Young Adult Neighborhoods
Brazil, Noli, and Jennifer Candipan. APCA Working Paper Series. No. 2302. 2023.