Dear Colleague,

We are reaching out to you on behalf of the Council of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) with a call for collaboration and an invitation to join us. We are extending an offer of institutional affiliation between your population center and the IUSSP.

We see institutional affiliation as a way to strengthen the ties between the IUSSP and population institutions across the globe, including your own.  You will agree, we hope, that as population science is needed more than ever to help address the many challenges that the world is currently facing, closer cooperation and stronger networks in the broad and interdisciplinary field of population research are a boon to our population community and a worthy goal in itself. We hope that you will also agree that an affiliation of your organization to the IUSSP would help bring us closer to this common goal. Practically, it would allow IUSSP to continue to reflect the diversity of the scientific field of population studies in all its evolving dimensions and across the globe; and it would allow your institution to be more active in this global dialogue through the IUSSP platform.

Ways that your institution could benefit from institutional affiliation include that Affiliated Institutions will be invited to join an annual networking event with the IUSSP leadership to discuss issues of common interest; affiliated partners will also have the opportunity to join a global networking event preceding the quadrennial IUSSP International Population Conference (IPC). In addition to these networking possibilities, Affiliated Institutions will have priority to host and/or co-organize joint events with the IUSSP such as Research Leader Sessions at the IPC, (virtual) workshops, webinars and training sessions. Furthermore, affiliation to the IUSSP also brings practical benefits such as free use of IUSSP channels for job advertisements and relevant announcements of your center, a link to the landing page of your center on the IUSSP website, and the possibility to contribute to the IUSSP Bulletin. Affiliated Institutions are also eligible for collective payment of individual membership fees and/or conference fees of their staff at discounted rates. Of course we are open to discuss  any other opportunities that you may wish to include in the affiliation.

There is another urgent reason to strengthen our ties: strong institutional membership (and the affiliation dues it will bring) are of vital importance to the long-term sustainability of the IUSSP in an era where individual membership fees are declining and donor support for our core funding is dwindling.  Sustaining a financially healthy Union is vital to achieve the overall aims of our field to which IUSSP is essential. A network of IUSSP Affiliate Institutions will also increase the visibility of the Union at the grassroots level and it has the potential to thereby attract new individual members and/or to retain current members. Overall, we believe that a strong body of Affiliated Institutions will help to engage more colleagues, including new generations of population researchers, in IUSSP activities which would strengthen the study of population across the globe.

We are writing you at a critical moment in which the financial stability and future of the IUSSP are at stake. We are convinced that a professional association like IUSSP cannot be sustained without the support of the global population community. Our call to you as a key actor in this community, is to join IUSSP as an Affiliated Partner and thereby support the only global professional association in the population field and help develop its global remit to promote population research across the globe.

Taking into account that the financial possibilities of institutions are widely diverging we propose the following annual affiliation dues:

  • Euro 5000 a year for institutions in High Income Countries
  • Euro 2500 a year for institutions in Middle Income Countries
  • Euro 1000 a year for institutions in Low Income Countries

We hope that you will join the IUSSP as an Affiliated partner and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

On behalf of the Council,

Shireen Jejeebhoy, IUSSP President

Nico van Nimwegen, IUSSP Secretary-General & Treasurer



  • is a member driven organization of over 2000 members with a global remit to promote the multidisciplinary study of population;
  • has a scientific program covering the broad field of population studies and carried out by (currently 16) Scientific Panels of leading experts and related member networks organizing workshops, webinars and training activities,
  • has a multi-channel publication program including the weekly Newsmagazine N-IUSSP to disseminate population research, the IUSSP Bulletin to inform members, the IUSSP website including training and other resources, and publications such as our policy and research papers,
  • organizes the only global scientific International Population Conference every 4 years,
  • and has a small professional secretariat to service the population community.

[1] See our website for a list of these countries (


[2] For an overview of current panels see

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