New Initiative Announced
Roundtable on Macroeconomics and Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities

The National Academies is inaugurating its Roundtable on Macroeconomics and Climate-related Risks and Opportunities. This new forum will be a venue for federal agencies and cross-disciplinary experts in academia, industry, and non-governmental organizations to discuss challenges associated with integrating climate change and climate policy into macroeconomic analyses and projections.

The Roundtable is comprised of 19 volunteer experts in fields including economics, earth and life sciences, public policy, engineering, and sociology. Read more about the roundtable members from their bios on the project webpage.

The Roundtable also welcomes several members in an ex officio capacity, including from the White House Council of Economic Advisors and the Office of Management and Budget. Read the White House statement on how they are engaging with this forum.

This effort aims to develop the scholarly and analytic foundation to inform policy with macroeconomic analyses that incorporate a full, nuanced, and rigorous understanding of the potential impacts of climate change and climate-related transitions. The Roundtable will begin convening in early 2023, and host its first public workshop in Spring 2023.

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