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Strengthening the Evidence Base to Improve Economic and Social Mobility in the United States: A Workshop

The archived videos and presentations from the Committee on Population’s workshop on economic and social mobility in the United States are now available!

Inequalities in income, wealth, health, and life expectancies have been increasing over the last several decades in the United States. Since around 1980, fewer Americans than before are doing better than their parents had – that is, more are experiencing downward socioeconomic mobility in terms of occupational status and income. A number of efforts are currently underway to develop evidence-based strategies for increasing inter- and intra-generational mobility and improving economic and social well-being in the United States. These efforts require an improved understanding of the factors that influence social and economic mobility, the mechanisms through which these factors operate, and how these relationships and mechanisms vary across and within different population subgroups. The purpose of this workshop was to identify key research and data needs and priorities for future work on social and economic mobility.

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