The Pennsylvania State University

Job Description
The Social Sciences Research Institute at The Pennsylvania State University is recruiting a highly motivated postdoctoral scholar to work on research in the area of maternal and child health, including the project “Prenatal Opioid Exposure: Birth, health, socioeconomic, and educational outcomes of mothers and their children”, which is funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Institute for Child Health and Development at the National Institutes of Health. Scholars with an interest in health equity and structural factors that influence birth and health outcomes are especially encouraged.

A main focus of the research will be the relationships between maternal opioid use and use disorder during the prenatal and postnatal periods with mother, child and family health and well-being and social and economic outcomes. The quantitative research study uses existing, state-level data from numerous administrative data sources, linked together at the individual-client level. Sources include birth records, Medicaid claims and encounters, and data from child welfare, education, economic and geographic information systems. In addition, the scholar will work with other administrative data sources including national birth records linked to geographic information.

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