A Future For Good: How Public Data Helps Us Create Resiliency and Equity for All

APDU is welcoming proposals for the Data Symposium 2022, A Future For Good: How Public Data Helps Us Create Resiliency and Equity for All, (May 3 – 4, 2022). With economic, public health, and governance challenges arising from COVID-19 and political polarization, trustworthy public data is vital to open and honest policy debates. APDU is interested in proposals with specific state and local examples. See all info.



What the Census Bureau Actually Bought With a $657M PR Campaign

2020 Census: Lessons Learned from Planning and Implementing the 2020 Census Offer Insights to Support 2030 Preparations

The U.S. Census Sees Middle Eastern and North African People as White. Many Don’t

BLS: More Than One-Third of Employers Embraced Telework Due to the Pandemic

The Age of Anti-Ambition

The Effects of the “Great Resignation” on Labor Market Slack and Inflation

Postal Regulatory Commission Appoints First Chief Data Officer

The Rise of Exporters and Importers in US Job Growth: Insights From Newly Released Data

Thinking Differently About Perpetuating Excellence


Real Wages Grew During Two Years of COVID-19 After Controlling for Workforce Composition




Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Bureau of Economic Analysis

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Census Bureau

Economic Research Service

Energy Information Administration

National Agricultural Statistics Service

National Center for Education Statistics

National Center for Health Statistics

National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics


Center for American Progress

Peter G. Peterson Foundation

Washington Center for Equitable Growth




APDU maintains a list of open calls for comment on proposed federal data collections. We periodically alert APDU members to newly added calls for comment. 

Over the last several weeks, calls for comment on the following proposed data collections were published in the Federal Register (with due date):


Bureau of Justice Statistics


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