Two quick but important summer updates for all “Inside NIA” blog subscribers:

Final pay lines

NIA has released the final pay line policy for fiscal year 2021, including general and Alzheimer’s allocations, and information on applications responding to Alzheimer’s-related program announcements.

NIA is paying future FY 2021 non-competing awards at their fully committed level as shown in the Notice of Award and restoring cuts made in non-competing awards paid earlier in FY 2021. See the updated NIA Final Funding Line Policy for FY 2021 web page for full details.

Reminder to switch to before Sept. 15

We’d also like to remind the entire NIA applicant community about the upcoming required switch to for accessing the eRA Commons. This change will be finalized and mandatory by Sept. 15, 2021, so now is a smart time to get set up in the system.

Visit this helpful link to guide you through signing up for and accessing
If you are experiencing problems with signing up for, contact the eRA Service Desk by calling 866-504-9552 (press 1 to reach the eRA Commons team) or submit a web help ticket.



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