Population Association of America (PAA) is the premier scientific society for population research and demography.  One of PAA’s goals is to diversify the field by introducing demography to upper-level undergraduate students.  PAA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee developed a program introducing demography to underrepresented undergraduates. The program focuses on minority-serving institutions and HBCUs but is open to anyone interested. This year, the PAA Annual Meeting will be held April 17 – 20 in Columbus, OH.  I hope you will help me by sharing this information with your students.

This day-and-a-half program consists of two phases. On the first day, April 17, undergraduates will participate in seminars and activities designed to introduce demography and educate them about applying to and succeeding in graduate school. These seminars will be created and conducted by senior scholars and professionals of color with support from PAA. There will be multiple opportunities to meet a wide range of demographers at the peak of their careers.  On the second day, April 18, participants will attend research sessions with a senior scholar.  Research sessions at the PAA Annual Meeting cover various topics, including health, fertility, mortality, race, education, and much more.  You can view past meeting programs on PAA’s website.

PAA will provide transportation, meals, and lodging to ensure that anyone who wants to participate can do so.

Students can either be nominated by faculty or self-nominate through the online form.  The program will be limited to 25 students. If more than 25 students want to participate, we will prioritize participants closer to the end of their undergraduate careers.

Nominations are due March 22, 2024

  1. Nomination Form
  2. PAA Website with details

If you have any questions, please contact PAA Executive Director, Danielle Staudt, at danielle@popassoc.org.

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