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First Available Due Date: July 11, 2022
Expiration Date: July 12, 2022

OBSSR is interested in supporting the integration of health-related behavioral and social sciences (BSS) with other biomedical methodological and scientific disciplines (e.g., genetics, immunology, metabolomics, molecular biology, microbiome, biochemistry, or physiological sciences). The goal is to train a research workforce that has the integrated content expertise and skills to meaningful address gaps in scientific advancement that are not well served by a more siloed approach to research. To support this goal, the OBSSR is soliciting applications for a one-time administrative supplement to existing NIH T32 and TL1 training grants for the enhancement of activities that support the acquisition of expertise and skills that are foundational to conducting multidisciplinary science that integrates BSS with biomedical approaches, methods, paradigms, and outcomes. Activities may include activities designed to better prepare students for multi-disciplinary research careers in a variety of venues, such as academia, industry, government, or entrepreneurial enterprises. Applicants are encouraged to develop activities that can be easily shared with other training programs. Applicants can respond to this announcement by adding curricula from biomedical disciplines to T32s and TL1s that are primarily focused on BSS or by adding BSS curricula to T32s and TL1s that are primarily focused on biomedical sciences. Enhancements to existing grants should have the goal of developing skills and expertise in integrated and multidisciplinary research that includes BSS; applicants should discuss how the module will increase interest in the T32/TL1, and how the training module will impact trainee careers. The cross-discipline curricula added to a T32 or TL1 could focus on training in discipline-specific methods, measurement approaches, research paradigms, and/or discipline specific subject matter expertise.

Issued by NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices:

OBSSR does not accept assignment of applications or manage awards that are funded. Please contact one of the ICs listed for inquiries regarding the suitability of the proposed project for the FOA and the IC’s research portfolio.

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