JMHS Special Issue
New Demographic Directions in Forced Migrant and Refugee Research

The Journal of Migration and Human Security released a special issue featuring papers based on presentations from two events held by the Committee on Population: the Workshop on Forced Migration Research: From Theory to Practice in Promoting Migrant Well-Being and the subsequent stakeholder meeting, Refugee Resettlement in the United States: The Role of Migration Research in Promoting Migrant Well-being in a Post-Pandemic Era.

The special issue includes articles that consider: refugee resettlement and integration in the United States; ethics in forced migration research; the promotion of voice and agency among forcibly displaced children and adolescents; resilience within communities of forced migrants; modeling and simulation; estimating, analyzing, and forecasting forced migration; and the role of migration research in promoting refugee well-being in a post-pandemic era. The workshop co-chairs, Holly E. Reed (Queens College, the City University of New York) and Ellen Percy Kraly (Colgate University), served as guest editors for this issue.

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