Population Research and Policy Review (PRPR)
Co-Editors-in-Chief: Corey Sparks and Kara Joyner

PRPR coverThe Southern Demographic Association (SDA) is looking for a new Co-Editor-in-Chief of Population Research and Policy Review (PRPR) to begin a three-year term starting in January of 2022. PRPR uses a staggered co-editorship to ease the transition into the position. The new coeditor will work with a current co-editor (Dr. Kara Joyner) for a year until the next co-editor is selected.


  • Continue publishing high-quality manuscripts on diverse topics across a variety of contexts
  • Determine which manuscripts merit circulation for external review, secure reviewers who can provide expert feedback, make editorial decisions, and write decision letters
  • Recruit population scientists to join the editorial board
  • Solicit applications for editors of special issues
  • Communicate regularly with production staff, co-editor, editorial board, authors, and reviewers
  • Attend the PAA and SDA Meetings yearly to meet with the SDA Board of Directors and the Springer representative

Selection Criteria

  • Current position in an academic, government, or other institution
  • Strong publication record, including publications in demographic journals
  • Extensive experience reviewing manuscripts
  • Support for the co-editor from their institution (i.e., yearly funding for a course release and/or a graduate student to serve as managing editor)

Deadline: December 5, 2021, but the SDA will begin reviewing candidates as applications are submitted.

Submit your letter of intent and CV to Dr. Johnelle Sparks (Johnelle.Sparks@utsa.edu), the SDA President. Please include the following information in your letter:

  • Vision for the journal
  • Strategies for enhancing the visibility of the journal
  • Time to devote to journal and support provided by your institution

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